Mini cafe in Library


It has been several weeks now that the cafe area in the library has been open. Since it’s opening students have been very vocal about how dissapointed they are in the selection of food it offers. The first week of its opening teachers and students rushed to see what all it offered.
Teachers now have some where to go and get snakes and food with out being hassled by students during their lunch breaks. The mini cafe offer a different variety of food mostly healthy choices.
Dean of Woman Mrs. Brown stated that ” The cafe in the library allows the students and faculty to have a selection on what they would like to eat” many students feel that the selection being mostly healthy isn’t really offering much of a difference than the cafe.
” why should we pay for snacks and drinks that we get the same thing for free during cafe hours” says Carisma Graham. ” why do they feel like everyone likes to eat healthy? What about us junk food eaters.we’re going to have to still leave off campus to get the type of food we like” stated Breanna Graham.
Another problem students have been very vocal about is the prices on the items. Mostly everything is over a dollar. Which strikes up a big question if it was built to satisfy students need why wasn’t it made affordable to everyone, or why can’t you use you real card for it.
Was it a good idea to offer only healthy choices? Students feel that it was unfair teachers feel that it was a smart and healthy discussion.


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